Laptops vs Netbooks - How is the Difference

  • By: Maskell

The devices like laptops and netbooks are having special features. It is used for business as well as technology related. When it comes to comparison, these two devices are having containing different factors. These devices are commercially available for all type of technology and electronic retails. The first things we will get the consideration about weight and size. Both the devices arrived with the compact dimensions. The laptop has more manufacturer end like Apple, Dell. HP, Sony, etc. whereas the netbooks are designed by few of the designers includes Acer as well as Asus. The laptops are arrived in both small to large size device and it is generally up to 20 inches. But the netbooks are designed as very portable device which is easy to handle than laptop. You can also carry this note book with compact experience. All type and brand of laptop is derived with the driver slot which is used to manage the different memory devices. The notebooks are not integrated with the drives. The extra drives in laptop are same like what are the things appear in personal computers.

Laptop vs Netbook

To control the excess heating of processor, the laptop is containing fan systems. But the netbook is not contains any kind of inner fan system to save the processor from heat. Laptop is having particular warranty on batteries and all the specification and configuration in the netbook is having small capacity. But is can also contain all type of needful accessories including hard drive, RAM, low level control and processing system. The laptop means that the portable mobile computer device with compact condition. The netbook is also the compact device and makes all type of wireless communication system very quick manner. the usage of laptops is referred with same like personal computer including documentation, software accessing and many other personal usage of watch streaming videos, etc. the netbook is mainly focusing on internet, mail access and other type of web surfing. The weighing of laptop is comes around 5 kg but the netbook is derived only up to 1.5 kg. The capacity of processor in laptop is high end level and the RAM capacity is sifted up to 8 GB memory. Even though netbook is come with the low processing speed, it can be used for accessing different task like movies, music and games.